February 22nd, 2012


Изменение иммиграционной политики Обучение в Работу

Вроде как финальные изменение нашего любимого правительства новозеладского островного государства:

Changes to Study to Work Visas (as of April 2, 2012)

To qualify for Study to Work visas, students will need to have obtained either:

A recognised New Zealand qualification of at least two academic year duration (16 months in total).


Any level 7 qualification of at least one year’s duration.


Two level 4 to 6 (SMC points accruing) qualifications in succession. These must be of at least one academic year’s duration (8 months study) each with the second course is at a higher e.g. one year level 5 qualification followed by a one year level 6 qualification.

PS странно был же у меня прилепленный пост, а щас нет. чудеса